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2 Walsingham Place, Truro

walsingham clinic.jpg

77 Lemon Street, Truro

Private therapy centre in Truro

Killigrew Street, Falmouth

Private therapy centre in Falmouth

Walsingham Place & Lemon Street are both located within central Truro, close to the bus station, train station and large car parks.

n.b. both venues have stairs to access the rooms

Killigrew Street is in central Falmouth, less than 5 minutes walk from Falmouth bus station, and with several car parks nearby. 

n.b. this venue has stairs to access the rooms

Online & Telephone Counselling

Some people find this method of working easier to schedule and some use a combination of face to face and online or telephone. If this is a way of working that you would like to consider then simply email me and I will arrange a call back.

Please note: this is not a method that I would recommend when working with younger children.

My Space Counselling


Counselling Session-  

£50 per session

Face to face, Telephone or Online

Counselling Supervision   

£55 per 60 min session

£65 per 90 mins

Face to face, Telephone or Online

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