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Adults, Children & Young People

'How are you?’ 

How often do you reply truthfully to others and to yourself ?

Therapy is a journey of change, recognising the truth of how you really feel in a supportive, confidential, non-judgmental environment, empowering you to find your own voice, confidence, knowledge and awareness. Reconnecting with these enables you to move forward. Allow yourself regular time in a peaceful space away from the demands of life to talk in private with someone who is objective and impartial. As an integrative, person centred psychotherapist you are the complete focus, I use a flexible approach to fit your needs.

I provide a relaxed and safe environment and work creatively and holistically exploring different ways of expression that talking doesn't always reach, this is effective for both adults and young people alike. I have over 20yrs experience working with children and young people.
My experience includes anxiety, depression, identity, historical & lived trauma and abuse, relationship issues, bereavement, panic & stress, eating disorders, self-harm, PTSD, family dynamics, loss of purpose among many other issues.

I also offer Counsellor Supervision Sessions and run therapeutic workshops in Cornwall and workshops for therapists. I also offer wellbeing workshops & 1:1 support in the workplace.

Does my child need a therapist? Jane Palmer, Professional Counsellor in Truro can help you find out.
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What I Specialise In

Psychological counselling for adults with poor mental health

Adult Counselling

Therapy for kids in Cornwall

Counselling and Therapeutic interventions with Children & 

Young People

Therapy workshops in Truro and Falmouth



Therapist training in Cornwall

Therapeutic Workshops


Workshops for Therapists

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Mental health services in Truro, Falmouth & Penryn, covering all of Cornwall

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Thank you, you've made such a difference to everything, feel like I've got a brighter outlook on everything and a lot more confidence to handle everything for the future, couldn't have done it without you !


Therapists near me

Jane just gets it, she is so chilled.

She helped me through and didn't judge me. I could be me. I am me. 

DP  (aged 15 yrs)

Therapy sessions near me

Jane, is such a great inspirer, with a natural creative flair. Anyone looking for space to enjoy some 'me' time, reconnecting with themselves in a creative way would enjoy this workshop..


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